Seberg (Jean)

Actrice américaine.

Lettre tapuscrite signée « Jean », Marshalltown (Iowa), 10 août 1958, à son premier mari, François Moreuil, 2 pages in-8, enveloppe avec quatre mots autographes de Jean Seberg. Nous joignons deux photographies originales de Jean Seberg et de François Moreuil (une photographie de leur mariage le 5 octobre 1958 et une avec des amis dans un restaurant parisien). 


Belle lettre d’amour de Jean Seberg à son premier mari qu’elle quittera deux ans plus tard pour Romain Gary.


« I hold you very close and tell myself again quel chance javais pour t’avoir… »


« Mon chéri pie,

This lettre should (I hope) reach you on the evening of our anniversary, and it is a letter to tell you manu things. First of all being, of course, how incredibly happy you have made this past year for me, wich, despite work ups and downs and a lot of personal problems, seems to have been a triumphant success, almost all of it because of your loveliness and patience and tenderness…


From the first time you helped me to be sick in Le Lavandou (let’s spend a night there on our trip, shall we ?)


To the royal blue fountain pen


To Bippina (who plays here in the grass and hides from me in all the bushes)


To the wonderful letters you always write


and your veal with mushroom sauce


and pilou poussin, chou chou poo, cheri pie, koko, and all…


I love you, my dear love, and I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you. Happy anniversary.


And, my love, now I have to talk business, I’m sorry to say…


First of all, I left my Givenchy raincoat in the closet of Guy’s apartment, and you can bring it out if you want me to wear it when we leave here, or you can leave it there. Just so we remember it.


And what is happening to Suzy about coming. I can’t help but feel this is inconsiderate, and perhaps it’s our mistake. You see, I’m not interested in Suzy and Pitou’s marital problems. Those are personal things they have to solve or (dissolve) but I feel that, since we have shown we care for them as friends, they should at least return that consideration with some definiteness (…)


Be good, my love, and miss me just half as much as I miss you. I hold you very close and tell myself again quel chance javais pour t’avoir.


I kiss you.


Jean ». 

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