kropotkine autographe

Kropotkine (Pierre)

Théoricien anarchiste

Lettre autographe signée, Browley (Londres), 18 février 1904, à l’éditeur William-Morris Colles (1865-1926), 4 pages in-8.
Kropotkine répond à une lettre datant du 17 février 1904 de son éditeur, au sujet des clauses de l'édition de son livre.
« Viola. Drowley. Kent
February 18, 1904.
Dear Mr Colles
I have received your letter on Febr. 17 in which I read the following :
«  There is now practically no print of difference, except that Mr. M. insists on the condition that if you take away the book, so as to issue a cheap edition at the end of 3 years, you or your assigned  shall take over the copies remaining on hand at cost. »
Must I understand you find the addition to my proposed irrelevant ? I cannot think so, because it evidently defeats the very intuition of the cheap editions clauses.
Finding that, for those who read my books, the price of 10% net is prohibitive, I propose to put the price at 7/6 net.
If this is not accepted, I insist upon introducing the clause that at the end of 3 years (or 5 yrs.) MM. Chetneren are bound to make a cheap 6/- or less edition. And, if they do not care to make it, the book to me.
This is – the only guarantee for me that the publisher really means to sell the book and (x) not merely add a work by a more or less popular author to his catalogue. But M. M by his counter-proposal intends to annule this only guarantee.
I mind not say that neither Smith Elder or Heinemann or Lutz or any other publisher has ever had the idea of annuling such a counter-proposal. Nor shall I accept it from M. Chetneren.
I therefore can only repeat what I wrote to you last. I insist upon the 3 (or 5) years cheap edition clause, but I cannot bind myself to take the copies which if (?), Lavy put too high a price on the book, will not sell.
If (?) will not accept such a clause, we must take from there to MS. without delay.
Yours very truly,
P. Kropotkine.
Il est fort probable que dans cette lettre, il soit question de l’ouvrage L’Entraide, un facteur de l’évolution de Kroptkine paru en 1902 à Londres et réédité en 1904 chez l’éditeur Heinemann.